All Loving Heart Connections® Facilitators listed on this website have completed the training and mentorship program. Facilitators are independent, operate their own practices and businesses, set their own rates, and are not affiliated with, or employed by, Spiritual Synergy LLC or Clearing Your Soul.

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-connection or communication with deceased loved ones, which can alleviate some of the burdens of intractable grief.
-receiving guidance from higher self or Spirit.
-conscious re-visiting of the self at different ages with compassion, forgiveness and support, thereby updating limiting beliefs about the self to new, healthier narratives.

I am also a student of interpersonal neurobiology to better follow and respond to clients in the evolving moment.

Whether or not you are someone who believes in after death communications, Spirit or Higher Power, participants uniformly report the experience of LHC® to be positive and helpful.

In addition, once you have experienced an LHC® session, you will have this new tool to use on your own as often as you wish.

If you are in California and would like to schedule a Loving Heart Connections® session, you may reach me at the above email address (please put LHC in the subject line) or feel free to call me at the above listed number.

Telephone: 408-391-6233

I am a Medical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California (LCS#27189). For the past 18 years I have worked in hospice and Palliative Care to bring caring presence and skilled accompaniment to individuals and families facing life threatening illness and death.

As a compliment to my institutional work, I am trained in Loving Heart Connections®, a modality developed by Dr. Jane Bissler that uses bilateral stimulation via eye movement, tapping, and sound (such as is used in EMDR) to help participants achieve non-ordinary states of consciousness that enable a person’s own inner healing intelligence to provide several types of experiences:

Katherine Walter, MSW/LCSW

During that same year she was blessed with the opportunity to connect with Dr. Jane Bissler, the creator of the powerful new modality called Loving Heart Connections® (LHC). Under Dr. Bissler’s tutelage, “Dr. Liz” personally experienced, studied and practiced how to facilitate LHC™ sessions. Thus, she developed a deep appreciation of LHC’s profound healing affects in empowering individuals to connect on their own with deceased loved ones, spirit guides and/or their higher selves. In this way, the old adage still rings true “If you give someone a fish, you feed them one day. If you teach someone to fish, you feed them for life”.

If you would like to schedule a Loving Hearts Connections© please contact me by using the above email or phone number. Thank you.


Telephone: 203-400-9212

Elizabeth is an experienced higher education instructor in Psychology/ Mathematics of more than 14 years. However, she has been interested in the world of spirit ever since as a young child she played with “imaginary friends.” As an adult, she became a practicing medium through formal and informal training. In 2021, she retired from teaching in academia to focus on what she loves most: studying, writing, and teaching about after death communications (ADCs).

Elizabeth Raver, PHD

Over the last 25 years Teresa has worked in the healthcare setting, primarily in the hospice setting providing care to chronic, terminally ill, patients and their families. Focusing on a strength-based, client-centered approach, and supporting patients and families with exploring and creating coping strategies, meeting end of life goals, and relationship reconciliation.

Teresa has also served as bereavement coordinator offering many strategies for grief work. She has had the privilege to witness the sacred and spiritual journey of death and dying, including the ongoing connections and the synchronicity that grievers experience.

Loving Heart Connections session empowers the participant to connect with their deceased loved ones, spirit guide and /or their higher selves that can promote profound healing. In addition, the participants will have the confidence and understanding of technique to continue their spiritual journey.

If you would like to schedule a Loving Heart Connections session, you may reach me at Available evenings and select weekends.


Teresa is a licensed clinical social worker, earning BSW in 1990 from Illinois State University and MSW in 1992 from the University of Illinois, specializing in mental health. In 2018, Teresa was certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She has found profound healing for grievers with this process and has expanded practice to the spiritual modality Loving Heart Connections® (LHC) training with Dr. Jane Bissler in 2022.

Teresa Marksity-Leach, LCSW

Loving Heart Connections® called to Jenny in 2022 and she has been utilizing it to connect to her own loved ones in addition to helping clients connect to theirs. Jenny has experienced first hand the power of Loving Heart Connections® and enjoys helping others connect in this powerful way. Understanding the after effects of trauma in the way that Jenny does, she really gets how healing by connecting to loved ones can be powerful. Connecting to loved ones is not just healing grief but healing other aspects of trauma.

Connect with Jenny to help you connect to the healing you deserve. jenny@approachable or (773) 683 2781

Website: &
Instagram: approachablehealer

Jenny has been working as a trauma therapist utilizing somatic experiencing trauma therapy, art therapy and other modalities for over 14 years. She is also well versed in shamanic and spiritual healing approaches. Jenny grew up with a family open and trained in Reiki plus other spiritual healing beliefs. For 5 years Jenny has taken her natural born talents into other areas of healing and has been studying with international shamans, spiritual healing schools and taking multiple connecting to spirit courses.

Jenny Korotko

Following her own significant losses, Dr. Herweck was drawn to studying what happens beyond the life we all know in the physical world. Like other practitioners, she experienced her first Loving Heart Connections® ("LHC") with Dr. Bissler, and she was hooked. She continues to practice this modality herself and has shared it with many others who have experienced a loss and are looking for their own connections.

LHC is not therapy or counseling, although there can certainly be therapeutic benefits. Dr. Herweck offers Loving Heart Connections® as an additional support, separate from the counseling services she provides. As it is not counseling, she can offer this service to those desiring the experience in any location. While she is available to meet in person, these Loving Heart Connections© can be made virtually as well. The intention with these Connections is for you to meet with a practitioner once for guidance and support, and then to be able to practice the Connections on your own. Additional support, of course, is always available as needed. In addition to LHC, Dr. Herweck is a Reiki Master practitioner. She is also available to provide her clinical services to those in California.

If you’d like to schedule a Loving Hearts Connections© session with Dr. Herweck, you can reach her at or via phone at 502-617-DRDI.

Telephone: 502-617-DRDI

Dr. Herweck has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of clinical psychology and counseling. Although her experience in these 30+ years is vast and varied, her current work focuses on counselor education and supervision as well as providing grief and loss counseling and support via groups and individual sessions.

Diana Herweck, PsyD, LMFT, LPCC, NCC, ACS

Always searching for healing modalities, I got my certification in EMDR in 2018, which uses bilateral stimulation; this is in part the basis for Loving Heart Connections. As a grief counselor, honoring story remained a central part of my support. Rachel Naomi Remen tells us “Our stories are our sacred connection between heaven and earth.” I honor this belief and feel that Loving Heart Connections is a way to honor this too. What is your story with your loved one? Or with your spirit guides? Your story continues on the other side. Being able to take Dr. Jane Bissler’s class and support participants in this beautiful process has created a new way to continue healing support, in a very spiritual way, for those that are grieving and or seeking. Please contact me so that I can support your story. As a story listener, I am called to witness suffering; I am also called to witness healing.

If you would like to schedule a Loving Hearts Connections© please contact me by using the above email or phone number. Thank you.

Telephone: 309 251-0350

I have spent my career supporting those in grief. For twenty of my professional career years, I worked as an oncology nurse, caring for cancer patients as well as meeting the patient’s and family’s emotional needs. A Hawaiian term, talking story, was a way in which they could put the pieces together in order to understand their journey and find meaning. To be present at a deeper level, I pursued a master’s in counseling. For the last 18 years, I have held the position of bereavement coordinator for a nonprofit hospice.

Linda Evans RN, LPC, CT

More recently, having lost an adult child, I have sought to develop and maintain an ongoing connection and to help other parents to do the same. In my search to maintain a connection with my child I came across Jane Bissler and was interested in the technique she has developed and felt that this would be a very useful protocol to enable those who find it difficult to move into the right state of mind for a connection through hypnotherapy.

I completed my training with Jane in 2022 and I have used the modality to myself on a regular basis to develop and enhance my connection, not only with my child but also with spirit. My focus is on parents who have lost a child at any age, I offer discounted rates where parents have lost children through suicide and I only advertise on Jane’s page, as I believe those who I can help most will find me. If you would like to schedule a Loving Hearts Connections© session with me please contact me via email.


I live in the UK and have spent over 30 years working in education, leading student pastoral care and having overall responsibility for counselling degrees within my organisation. I have a Diploma Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma and also have Reiki 1 and 2 attunements.

At nine years old years I remember sensing my recently passed grandmother at the bottom of my bed and then later when other members of my family transitioned, each time I started to hear their voices in my head and I still do today.

Alex Day, MA, DipCAH, HPD


Concurrently, I trained and volunteered as a Death Doula and have been accompanying people in their transition since 2018. I know first-hand the pain and grief attached to losing a loved one. Loving Heart Connections® closes the loop between our departed loved ones, spirit guides, our Soul and us. It is a blessing to learn how to use Loving Heart Connections® to build this bridge to maintain and continue the bonds after the initial session.

Fluent in English and French
Telephone: 440-665-5582

All my life I have worked with energy; not knowing how to call or identify it. Now, I have focused on defining and refining my skills to allow energy to flow and facilitate healing for all people that I meet and serve. I am a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Jade® practitioner as well as a Master Alchemy Program (MAP) graduate which focuses on the 5 “Daoist” energetic elements and their impact on our lives.

Diane Martel

Working extensively with her long-time teacher, mentor, and friend, Dr. Jane V. Bissler, Desirée is trained to use, facilitate, and teach Loving Heart Connections®. When Dr. Bissler retired, SPIRIT selected Desirée to continue Dr. Bissler’s work. Desirée’s role is to continue to teach others how to use this premier system, as well as assist others in making connections with their loved ones who are no longer with them in physical form, Spiritual guides, animals across the veil, masters, angels, helpers, and their very souls. In addition, Desirée has been charged with channeling the updates to this evolving system.

Desirée is the founder of the Consciousness Raising Group (CRG) which holds space for SPIRIT to work on global and societal issues. Since its inception in 2017, this group has worked tirelessly to support all creation. The effects of their time and commitment may not be known to many. However, their efforts have put ripples into the universe.

Instagram: @theclearingyoursoul
Facebook: @theclearingyoursoul
YouTube: @theclearingyoursoul

Desirée is the founder of Spiritual Synergy LLC. 

Working exclusively with spiritual energetic healing systems for the last ten years, she has facilitated thousands of sessions. In addition, she works with MAC to bring forward information and resources, including Jáde Process, to help others RELEASE, BALANCE, and HARMONIZE their lives. She is the channel for this material and primary instructor.

Desirée Brown

After experiencing the personal loss of a sibling, Kate was drawn to Loving Heart Connections® through her work with her mentor, Dr. Jane Bissler. Designed to activate and strengthen the bonds we have with our loved ones and pets in Spirit and our Spiritual Guides, this modality offers emotional and spiritual healing, especially providing comfort for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Kate has reverence for Loving Heart Connections® and how it brings healing, hope, love, peace and understanding for all that experience this beautiful modality. The gift of connection can then be self-initiated and practiced for timeless healing.


Kate has always been curious about the world we cannot see. With a decade of practice and study as a Spiritual, Energetic Healing practitioner, she brings a gentle, trusting, and loving approach to helping others heal from within. In her practice, Kate assists others to heal their trauma, let go of fear, and connect to the spiritual realm, all the while being a supportive and loving presence. Knowing that no single approach is the right one for every individual, Kate has been trained in multiple modalities that help serve individual needs. These modalities include Spiritual Response Technique, Spiritual Restructuring, Multi-Dimensional Self™, Jade Process® and Loving Heart Connections®.

Kate Berringer


A teacher and the mother of five, (two of whom have, sadly, passed) she studied at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania and received an MS in Theological Studies. As her teaching career advanced, Reed received an EdD degree and operated a school for pre-school children living with disabilities and their parents.

Her doctoral dissertation focused on the effect of Prison educational programs on recidivism among 15-17 year old felony offenders from rural and small town areas of upstate New York who were incarcerated in medium and maximum secure prisons.

As a Chaplain at Cornell University, she preached in rotation with priests on staff and periodically led small groups of students in visits to consider social justice issues in rural areas of Haiti and Guatemala.

She is presently living in Arizona and is a Hospice volunteer and a member of Helping Parents Heal, Amnesty International and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.


In addition to Loving Heart Connections® certification, Barbara H Reed is also a certified Soul Realignment® practitioner.

Barbara grew up in the picturesque Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. She was awarded a BS degree by the State University of New York and received permanent certification to teach elementary grades K-6 and also secondary level English. As a Research Associate at Cornell University, she was part of the initial multi-disciplinary research studies that resulted in the formation of the national programs known as Home Start and Head Start.

Barbara Reed

I live a truly Spirit-led life where I have found that joy and peace are possible to co-exist with grief! It has helped me discover my soul’s greatest purpose of supporting others who have experienced the ultimate loss of a child with lots of love and compassion.


Through my own grief journey, after the physical loss of my 18-year-old son in 2014, and successful therapies such as EMDR, IADC and LHC practices with my grief counselor, I was able to build a continued bond with my son Andrew in Spirit which has led to many accomplishments with him by my side! Yes! He is still with me! I attribute my resilience and growth to him, other parents ahead of me on this journey and many spiritual professionals along the way who have inspired me!

Christine M. Moncheck

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