All Jade Process® Facilitators listed on this website have completed the training and mentorship program. Facilitators are independent, operate their own practices and businesses, set their own rates, and are not affiliated with, or employed by, Spiritual Synergy LLC or Clearing Your Soul.

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Fluent in English and French
Telephone: 440-665-5582

All my life I have worked with energy; not knowing how to call or identify it. Now, I have focused on defining and refining my skills to allow energy to flow and facilitate healing for all people that I meet and serve. I am a Reiki Master and a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Jade Process®, and Loving Heart Connections® practitioner as well as a Master Alchemy Program (MAP) graduate which focuses on the 5 “Daoist” energetic elements and their impact on our lives.

Diane Martel


Desirée is the founder of Spiritual Synergy LLC. 

Working exclusively with spiritual energetic healing systems for over ten years, including Jáde Process®, Loving Heart Connections®, Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, Multi-Dimensional Self™, and Reiki, she has facilitated thousands of sessions.

In addition, she works with MAC to bring forward systems, information and resources, including Jáde Process, to help others RELEASE, BALANCE, and HARMONIZE their lives. She is the channel for this material and primary instructor.

Working extensively with her long-time teacher, mentor, and friend, Dr. Jane V. Bissler, Desirée is trained to use, facilitate, and teach Loving Heart Connections®. When Dr. Bissler retired, SPIRIT selected Desirée to continue Dr. Bissler’s work. Desirée’s role is to continue to teach others how to use this premier system, as well as assist others in making connections with their loved ones who are no longer with them in physical form, Spiritual guides, animals across the veil, masters, angels, helpers, and their very souls. In addition, Desirée has been charged with channeling the updates to this evolving system.

Desirée Brown


Kate has always been curious about the world we cannot see. With a decade of practice and study as a Spiritual, Energetic Healing practitioner, she brings a gentle, trusting, and loving approach to helping others heal from within. In her practice, Kate assists others to heal their trauma, let go of fear, and connect to the spiritual realm, all the while being a supportive and loving presence. Knowing that no single approach is the right one for every individual, Kate has been trained in multiple modalities that help serve individual needs. These modalities include Spiritual Response Technique, Spiritual Restructuring, Multi-Dimensional Self™, Jade Process® and Loving Heart Connections®.

Kate Berringer

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